Seeking A Vitamix Promo Code for Great Savings?

The Vitamix has been tagged as the Porsche 918 Spyder of blenders and may require a prospective user to start collecting coupons with the Vitamix promo code to be able to afford it. Obviously, it is well worth it to own a Vitamix blender because of its recent confirmation as the “stalwart” of test kitchens, according to Cook’s Illustrated, published bi-monthly by America’s Test Kitchen, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Cook’s Illustrated evaluates kitchen equipment and branded food as well as ingredients. In this case, it has compiled several factors to gauge the effectiveness of a blender. Cook’s Illustrated listed motor strength, container shape, and blade position and angle as determinants of a blender’s quality. Vitamix was one of the models chosen for an evaluation and it met all three factors:

  • Motor strength: the Vitamix 5200 runs on two horsepower at 1,380 watts, two times the power of similarly-purposed brands in its class which translates to superior pulverizing ability.
  • Container shape: Cook Illustrated says that a curved bottom – which the Vitamix has – creates a vortex capable of pulling in food more efficiently as it goes through its blades.
  • Blade position and angle: the closer a blender’s blade is to the edge of its container, the more staggered its angle becomes, resulting more efficiency in catching all the bits and pieces of food that land in its orbit.

The 5200 has all of those attributes as well as a blade rotating capacity of 240 MPH. Cook Illustrated’s verdict? Vitamix has proven it can handle virtually anything, albeit its reliable performance comes, admittedly, with a price that’s a little steep. Still, the 5200’s warranty of seven years and its remarkable durability makes it cheaper than a less expensive model which needs continual replacement.

Vitamix Popular Products

With the wide range of Vitamix products, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose just one. Your needs actually determine which Vitamix model you should get. If you make more soups and smoothies on a regular basis, for instance, one of the models in the Vitamix S Series would be a wise buy. To give you an idea of how to select your Vitamix model, take a look at these factors for consideration:

Do you want a personal blender? The S30 is a new model that is relatively smaller than the rest of the Vitamix product line. The S55 and S50 have the same features as the S30 with additional pre-set modes. The S30, however, or the S55, for that matter, won’t be able to blend or yield as much as the rest of the Vitamix models because of its relatively low operating power, albeit this is good enough for a personal blender.

Are you looking for variable speed? All variable speed controls on Vitamix models – with the exception of the 6000 and Two Speed models – are useful if you prefer to only semi-liquefy what you blend such as salsa or pasta sauce. Quick pulsing is possible in the 5200 but you will have less control. Additionally, a Vitamix mode with variable speed is also capable of doing the bubble removal “trick.”

Would you like programs for functions pre-set? The Pro 750, 6000, S55, 6300, and Pro 500 Vitamix models all have pre-set programs that enable you to select a particular program, turn this on, and accelerate the blender’s speed automatically and shut off immediately after the pre-determined time. This feature is especially helpful for those who multi-task and have to be away from the blender while it is in operation.

For more information on how to choose the Best Vitamix, refer to our previous article.

Kinds of Promo Codes You Can Avail

Don’t throw in the towel just yet when it comes to the possibility of owning the best Vitamix blender. There are several promo codes on the internet which you can avail of to reduce the total cost of particular Vitamix models. Save on shipping charges, for instance, when you buy a Vitamix model on Amazon. Not only that, you can be certain that many Vitamix models are already discounted when you buy it on Amazon.

Although overall Amazon offers the best prices in addition to free shipping as an incentive during checkout, numerous promo codes are available for consumers who purchase selected Refurbished Vitamix blenders through specific affiliate websites. Your choice of a Refurbished Vitamix model, however, would have to be Certified Reconditioned by Vitamix; otherwise the offer is null and void.

Depending on the affiliate website and/or store which offers the promo code, you can also get savings for any Vitamix model’s purchase price. But you don’t have to make your purchase through those websites and stores, because Amazon also carries all the Vitamix models -both new and refurbished- with already discounted prices without needing a Vitamix promo code. Most of new as well as certified refurbished Vitamix deals on Amazon come with a DVD and bonus recipe guide.

How to Avail

If you already collected a promo code from affiliate websites you can copy and paste it when you check out at the Vitamix offical website. On the Vitamix website, the coupon code will automatically be set and applied to any model you purchase. You can use this promo code to only avoid the shipping cost, and usually this code will not give you any discounts on the product itself.

If you are looking to have savings on Vitamix products, another way to avail of over $150 in savings is to purchase a Certified Reconditioned Vitamix model in the color of your choice. Certified Reconditioned models all come with new accessories and have undergone a check inspection of 17 points to ensure that they have the same excellent quality as the newer models. Make no mistake about it; these reconditioned models were in good working condition prior to their refurbishment.

Most of these reconditioned models haven’t even used because they were purchased as gifts or ended up being exchanged for other colors. Since these can’t be sold legally as brand new blenders, Vitamix is very generous on their pricing to give customers a chance to own a Vitamix blender that is less expensive; it is also a win-win situation for Vitamix to clear these blenders from their inventory.

Bonuses are also included for the certified refurbished blenders depending on which model you choose. These bonuses include free audio CDs and cookbooks that contain recipes from professional chefs who use Vitamix models, to name a few.  You can avail of the Vitamix 5200 best price for a refurbished standard model or the Next Generation 7500 in this series for a more affordable cost and a savings of around $150 depending on what model you choose.

Where to Buy Vitamix Blenders

Some big chain supermarkets such as Whole Foods would once in a while host a weekend long Vitamix promotion during which the prices are not necessarily reduced but you would get to see ton of demo from a professional chef/user who can answer all of your questions and make you taste everything he prepares using this powerful and versatile blender. So during that weekend only a limited amount of one Vitamix model is usually available for purchase from that specific store.

If you never came across to one of those sales, you can easily and safely purchase it online either from Amazon or from Vitamix official website. They both offer various colors for each model and warranty. Although some models are not eligible for Amazon Prime, you can get almost any model with free shipping. Most models are already discounted on Amazon so you won’t be requested to submit a Vitamix promo code at the checkout.

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