Discover New Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

vegetable-shoppingMedical doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts all agree: juicing and weight loss go hand in hand.

The fastest and safest way between your current weight and the freeing yourself of those extra pounds is through that gorgeous, tasty and colorful field of fruits and vegetables. Of course you can run in the field and that will help to shed the extras… but you can also juice all those fruits and vegetables, keep your energy levels high and satisfy your hunger too.

For most of us snacking on baby carrots, broccoli florets or green bell peppers to curb an afternoon craving doesn’t come very easy. Or ingesting an apple doesn’t satisfy as much as a carbohydrate based snack.

Power juicing (or creating juice diet recipes for weight loss) comes to the rescue at the right place and right time.  You can get into your body plenty of fruits and vegetables — and the all-important nutrients they hold — as a freshly juiced drink (not the bottled ones please!).  The freshly squeezed juice has the advantage of keeping you feeling full and reducing or eliminating all that craving for any sweet or carbohydrate.

Based on a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed recently that a low metabolic rate was closely associated to a low consumption of nutrients.  Well not surprisingly, both low metabolic rate as well as low consumption of nutrifood prepingents were also linked with a larger waistline.

And we all are aware that larger waistline is a bio-marker to put you at an increased risk for developing heart disease and many other unfortunate health conditions such as cancer.  Most of the weight loss products are prepacked. And we also know that about 90 to 95% of prepacked foods contain processed produce and ingredients.

This is not the subject of today’s article so I am not going to explain in detail why we should stay away from processed food for our health as well as our waistline, I will rather start by giving you a list of best produce to use in your juices in order to amp up your efforts big time:















Most experts finally agree that losing weight is not about counting “calories in and calories out”. This is a very archaic vision that will not carry you to a successful weight loss program or regimen. Your body actually needs a myriad of nutrients to achieve your weight loss goals.

This subject of course is very broad and complicated too. A wide variety of nutrients go to work every day to help keep our weight in check and equally the lack of them will give us results we don’t look for. Here is a quick overlook:

Calcium.  Calcium plays a vital role in weight loss… and you can get all you need from broccoli!  

Fiber.  Fiber can help you in many ways: Apart being a must for proper digestion, it’s an essential to fend off hunger pangs for a longer period of time.  It will also help you ward off cravings for sugar. Did you know that you need 25 grams of fiber in a meal in order to feel these marvelous benefits.

Iron. Iron-deficiency anemia is pretty common, at least one person out of five suffers from it. This is the mineral that will give you energy and motivation to do anything including dieting and exercising. Juicing with an abundance of citrus fruits and dark green vegetables can help you beat this condition, because they will actually help your body absorb more iron.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  A deficiency of this superb fat leads to a large array of health problems (from increased risk of heart disease to having dry skin). But as a weight loss tool it helps increase your satiety level making you feel fuller longer.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid).  This vitamin boosts your metabolism of fat making a great tool for weight loss.

Vitamin D.  A special spectrum of light (ultraviolet sunlight) converts to vitamin D as it soaks through your skin and this vitamin creates wonders in your body and losing weight is only one of them.

Vitamin E.  This vitamin is linked to fat metabolism.

Zinc.  Deficiency of this mineral increases the chances of having a higher level of body items and ingredients on a kitchen counter

Micronutritents for weight loss!

There are also nine micronutrients which facilitate weight loss.  These invaluable substances aid in maintaining muscle mass and regulating blood sugar levels and insulin. Many help the body metabolize the ingested food and convert it into energy. These are Alpha lipoic acid, Carnitine, Chromium, Coenzyme Q10, Conjugated linoleic acid, Dimethylaminoethanol, Gamma Linolenic Acid, Glutamine.

We talk much more in detail about the components of a successful weigh loss program in our Power Juicing Ebook. Check it out by clicking this link!

Kick-start Your Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss Program

You can create many delicious recipes that will help you to energize your metabolism and shed those unwanted pounds giving you a glowing healthy look. This is a bit a personal preference too. As you saw above loosing weight is has many components and any type of juicing will help you to reach some of these components. So you are freer than you think… and who said dieting is boring?

If you have not found your signature juice concoction yet, here are a few suggestions for a kick start to a happy weight losing regimen! You can use any juicer you have to prepare these: centrifugal juicer or masticating juicer. Remember blender is not the #1 choice of serious juicers but if you have one, that’s OK too. You will just obtain a different type of juice with blenders.

To learn more on how you can juice with blenders read our article on Juicer Types.

And if you’re in the market to get a new juicer, you can find out more about centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers by clicking these links.

Apple Juice with a touch!

Apples give ton of zest and body to any type of juicing. They are not only delicious but also fulfilling.

3 Granny Smith apples, cored

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Juice the apples in your favorite juicer.  Add the cinnamon, stir, and enjoy.

The Odd Couple

It’s a wonderful idea to pair a fruit with a vegetable and it greatly promotes weight loss, not to mention what kind of great taste you can obtain. This combination works not only because it’s rich in vitamin A, but because it’s also a great source of fiber to keep you full longer.

1 yam, cut into pieces

1 apple, cored

Juice this pair in your juicer, stir, and drink it down. Yummy!

Weight-Loss Wonder Juice

This juice will work wonders at helping you lose those unwanted pounds.  And you’ll enjoy every drop of it, too!  What an awesome and classic combination!

5 carrots

1 apple

½ cucumber

½ beet

1 stalk of celery

1 teaspoon fresh ginger (or to taste)

Place the fruit and vegetables in your juicer and process. You will feel energized, refreshed, and ready to take action!

Berry Delight


1 apple, cored and sliced

6 strawberries

½ orange, peeled, sectioned

Place all ingredients together in your juicer.  Then stir and enjoy the drink and its wonderful effects!

Tropical Delight

1 kiwi, peeled

½ mango peeled, sliced

1 orange, peeled, sectioned

Sparkling mineral water

Process the fruits in your juicer. Pour the juice in a glass and stir.  Then fill the rest of the glass with the mineral water.  Enjoy!

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