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Vitamix 500 620x620xCS-Programs-EnvironmentVitamix is technically a blender, albeit the multi-tasking variety but with its high speed blades which are so powerful it can give centrifugal, masticating, and even twin gear juicers a run for their money. Vitamix has emerged as more than just a blender. Now considered the wunderkind of kitchen appliances, it can make nearly everything from scratch: non-dairy milk from hemp or cashew, flour from coconut, and vinaigrette, among others.

Owned and operated since 1921 by the Barnard family, the best Vitamix endorsement came from restaurateur-chef, author, and TV personality Michael D. Symon, a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Award, who brought the blender with him in a suitcase to the Iron Chef America premiere in 2005. People have not stopped raving about Vitamix as an indispensable kitchen tool since then.

What Can’t It Not Do?

What Can’t It Not Do?Smoothies, not juices, are what come to mind when we talk about the Vitamix 5000 or any other model for that matter. Blame it on its reputation as a blender. It doesn’t mean, though, that this blender is incapable of juicing, albeit juicing purists will disagree.

This product can switch functions just like that – ice cream maker, food processor, meat grinder, and smoothie blender, to name a few – and do all of them with efficiency.

It can also make thick soups, mayonnaise, nut butters, sorbets, chunky salsa, cold dessert soups, pesto sauce, Margaritas, dips, and salad dressings. It operates at high speed and chews its ways through nearly everything, making it perfect for the lover of frozen drinks, the raw foodie, the smoothie aficionado or the juicing fan. Most of you would be asking by now,“what can’t the Vitamix not do?” Take a look at its features:

Features of the Vitamix

What sets apart Vitamix from other blenders is that it uses a metal drive system to connect the container to the motor base—allowing better blends and longer lifespan.

Vitamix TurboBlend VS 620x620xCS-face-blackThe speed control is variable to allow you to fine-tune each texture you wish to create, whether it’s the smoothest of purées for baby food or the thickest of stews and chowders. Its container can accommodate up to 64 ounces of food blending for medium- to large-sized batches such as cookie or bread dough, marinades, hummus, hash browns, fried rice, falafel batter, and milkshakes, to name a few more.

Yes, you can use this blender for juicing too. Instead of separating produce pulp from extracted produce liquid, the Vitamix combines them by thoroughly pulverizing the former. Others have argued that as powerful as the Vitamix is, the resultant drink will take longer to be absorbed by the body than juice extracted by a juicer. This may be true but it also doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing; it’s just a different juice type.

How to Use It

Blending with the Vitamix enables you to get all the fiber from the produce into your body. Although you must know by now that you don’t get the fiber when you use a juicer, both blending and juicing retain the nutritive values of the produce. Simply put, juicing gives the digestive tract some kind of break because it is in liquid form and works intravenously while blending cleans the digestive system by giving it fiber.

The product is easy to use and a breeze to clean, too. You just put the produce you want to juice such as apples or carrots. Cut up, slice, cube or chop produce into several pieces without discarding the seeds, stems, or skin and place them in the Vitamix. Add ½ water, operate it on variable speed 1 and increase to ten gradually, change it to high, and then let it blend for 30 seconds or one minute or until it has completely liquefied; the fibers in the produce have been blended into the juice. And your body will thank you for that!

Those who have tried making orange juice in a Vitamix reported it produced some foam that is thicker than that which a juicer might typically produce; this is because the foam includes the pulp. You can always strain this pulp from the extracted liquid like you would if you had used a juicer. Just ensure that you remove the pilth, or flesh, of produce such as oranges, lemons, and other fruits or vegetables that have it.

Which Vitamix Should I Buy?

This is really not an easy call: each Vitamix model offers various features on top of the basic and standard ones. But let me ease your job by saying that I have to yet meet a Vitamix user who has regretted the Vitamix model she chose to buy. Everybody one way or another is super happy with their choice of this super blender.

Having said that let’s review now first the common features that all Vitamix blenders have, then the major differences each series has, and finally conclude by pointing out the extra features for each Vitamix model on the market.

The S Series, for instance, features personal blenders capable of concocting single and double servings, the C Series offers classic Vitamix body style such as the Vitamix 500, and the G Series is known as the “Next Generation” blenders that have more powerful motors.

All three series have the following features in common:

  • Able to create numerous recipes for meals, snacks, desserts, drinks and more. To get you started a cook book is included with your purchase.
  • Produce precise textures in food such as coarse, smooth, and fine.
  • Equipped with hardened, powerful all-stainless steel blades.
  • Have reliable high power performance motor.
  • Have precision controls for easy access to functions.
  • Are dishwasher safe with easy to clean parts.
  • Come with a cook book and with instructional DVD (except the S Series).
  • Come with a classic tamper to easily push the food into the container.
  • Come with respective warranties, five years for the S Series and seven years each for the C and G Series.
  • Alternate colors available.

S-Series: Personal Blenders

Vitamix S55-EnvironmentCommon Features – The blenders in this series while they all fit under your upper cabinets on the kitchen counter they also offer two container sizes—a 20-ounce that becomes an instant travel cup with flip-top lid and a 40-ounce for small batches of your favorite recipes. The main container comes with a vented lid to release steam while preparing hot food. S Series also features variable speed controls to make sure that you obtain the texture you’re after for your meal or drink: whether it is a smooth purée for your baby’s first solid meal or a chunky salsa for your 4th of July BBQ in the garden, and let’s not forget about frozen margaritas while we talk about parties…

Additional Features – While Vitamix S30 has pulse control, Vitamix S55 comes with four pre-programmed settings taken out the “guessing” work from the equation. Vitamix S50 on the other hand has two pre-programmed settings that will let you walk away from your kitchen, but not only that it also has a safety interlocking system meaning that if the container comes out or is lifted from the blender’s base while the motor is running, it will automatically shut off itself for your safety. Pre-programmed settings are very useful for busy multi-tasking moms and dads, as well as for any professional who likes to prepare a great breakfast on the go while they get ready to leave the house in the morning.

S30 comes in brushed stainless steel finish while S50 and S55 come in black and red.

C-Series: Classic or Professional Blenders

Vitamix 620x620xContainer-32oz-Wet-BladeCommon Features – Most blenders in C-Series have a 64-ounce container (except the compact models, their container has 48-ounce capacity) making it ideal to prepare bigger batches and larger portions of anything really. In this series as well the container comes with a vented lid to release steam from the hot food blended inside.

These are heavier and taller machines that will most likely not tuck under your upper cabinets (except the compact models).  Compare to S-Series blenders these have bigger diameter cutting blades allowing you to pulverize or make butter of any nut you can imagine without even touching or scraping the edges of the container.  The container is basically self cleaning one once you put water and a bit of soap in it and running it for 30 seconds.

Their motor is much more powerful compare to S-Series that when the blades turn so quickly they create friction heat making you a steamy hot meal within 5 minutes. Did we say “hands free”?

Additional FeaturesTurbo Blend Two Speed is the less expensive of all has the basic features with high and low controls. Vitamix 5200 introduces variable speed control and Professional Series 500 comes with all: variable speed control, 3 pre-programmed settings and pulse control. Vitamix 5300 has more powerful motor and less noisy, and comes with pulse button and variable speed control. This model is shorter with a 64-ounce container making it fit under your upper cabinets without needing to store the container separately in the cupboard. Turbo Blend VS also has variable speed control and offers a Filtration Bag -made from 100% all-natural hemp- for juicing whole foods, sprouting seeds and beans, and preparing non-dairy milks in addition to including a Live Fresh Recipe Book with raw, vegan, and vegetarian recipes.

Vitamix TurboBlend VS 620x620xCS-face-blackVitamix 500 620x620xCS-programs-face-brushed

Professional Series 200 another one that has variable speed control. The same model has also a compact version that comes with an 48-ounce container (low profile jar) that processes medium batches and Professional Series 200 with Compact Container can easily fit beneath upper cabinets (It’s only 17.4 inches high including the motor base). All compact models come with a customized Mini-Tamper to blend thick, frozen treats and dense nut butters. CIA Professional Series is another blender that comes with variable speed control, but also with a Culinary Institute of America logo showing the institution’s trust in the Vitamix brand. CIA Professional Series  has another model that comes with a smaller (48-ounce) container. Both models (with classic or compact container) offer two cookbooks. Vitamix 6300 is the most expensive and more powerful in this series with variable speed control and 3 pre-programmed settings.

Turbo Blend Two Speed, Turbo Blend VS, Professional Series 200, and Vitamix 5300 come in black only, Professional Series 500 and CIA professional Series with compact container in stainless steel only, Professional Series 200 with Compact Container in red only, CIA professional Series in red, black, stainless steel and platinum, Vitamix 5200 Standard in white, red, black, stainless steel and platinum, Vitamix 6300 in white, beige, red, black, and stainless steel. All stainless steel is brushed finish. 

Vitamix 620x620xCS-2SPD-environmentG-Series: Next Generation Blenders

Vitamix 750 GS-Programs-rglam-black_fullsizeCommon Features – Both blenders (7500 and Professional Series 750) have 64 oz. low profile container, variable speed control, pulse control, and a powerful yet quiet 2.2 HP motor. Their blades are 4″ allowing faster processing time and somehow smoother blends.

Additional FeaturesVitamix 750 features 5 pre-programmed settings guaranteeing consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes.

Professional Series 750 comes in black, red and brushed stainless steel finish while 7500 comes in white, black and red. 

What is “the Vitamix Quiet One”?

Vitamix Vitamix Quiet One 620x620xTQO-environmentFor those who want superior hush when using a blender, Vitamix the Quiet One is the unbelievable blender with 93 speed settings that blend at a decibel level similar to that of a nearby, regular conversation. You might be surprised to know that the Quiet One runs on a three-horsepower motor that can pulverize ingredients to blend multiple servings quickly and easily.

Moreover, the Quiet One has the Advance® Container designed specifically with a “no-drip” spout that reduces clean up time. Its 34 variable settings, six optimal programs, and auto shut-off mechanism help create high quality blends consistently. The Quiet One’s enclosure uses patented technology to magnetically secure sound and reduce noises made by the blending process dramatically.

Although this product was created for commercial use only since it can blend multiple servings of anything including smoothies, frappés, and frozen drinks with ease, it sounds ideal crowded or fast paced families. It’s quick, quiet, easy to clean up and so worth the money!

Vitamix Payment Plan

Yes, this is the part which potential customers dread: paying for a Vitamix, according to many consumers, is like paying for a mortgage. First of all, consider that a purchase of any Vitamix Series model has a full warranty that covers all of its parts, labor, two-way shipping, and performance. All of those are hard to find in any other blender manufacturer.

You can also choose from the 3- and 5-Payment Plans so you can afford it in a much easier way. The 3-Payment Plan works like this: first payment is 34% of the total sale and second and third payments are 33% each of the total sale. All payments are billed 60 days after the sale on the credit card given by the customer. The 5-Payment Plan is even more flexible, albeit a 20% down-payment of the total sale is billed at order time.

Thereafter, the remaining balance will be at 20% each of the total sale billed 30, 60, 90, and 120 days after the sale for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th payments, respectively. If you would like to inquire about the use of a Vitamix coupon to purchase any of the series model, check out the official Vitamix website or call 1-800-848-2649. Yes, the Vitamix isn’t cheap but when you consider everything that it can do and the fact that you won’t need another kitchen equipment ever, the price is a steal.

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  • The more you juice, the healthier you become!
  • A step-by-step plan you will follow to improve your overall health.
  • Choose ideal combinations of fruits and vegetables for juicing.